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With one easy 15 minute application ... scabies treatment in the comfort of your own home

Our scabies treatment is safe and effective with 100% natural ingredients and only requires daily applications at home to get rid of scabies

100% Natural

Our scabies removal formula is safe and effective ... with 100% natural ingredients

Ingredients include ... Purified Sulphur, Karanj Oil & Pure Zinc Powder


Successful Scabies Treatment ... or your money back - What could be better than that?

The scabies treatment cream contains all you require to treat over 30 scabies bites We know our product works - watch our video to see for yourself!


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Easy daily applications of the cream is all that it takes!


Our product is safe, effective and 100% natural.

Do You Suffer From Scabies?

Scabies is more common than you might think. Having scabies bites is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, it does not mean you have poor hygiene. Scabies are 8 legged mites that burrow in the skin and cause intense itching & blisters. They look for clean people to settle on – anyone can catch them, especially children. They look scary but they are so easy to get rid of. So what can you do about it? How can you get rid of scabies quickly and easily?

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There are just a few easy steps to follow… first check out these photographs to confirm that they are in fact scabies. Scabies are tiny and they burrow under your skin so you will not be able to see them. The only signs will be the redness on the skin and itching.

You will need to treat all of the infected areas with Skin SOS Scabies Cream. It is easy to apply in just a small area, 2-3 times for 4 days – that’s it! You must wash all your bed linen, towels and clothing that could be infected on a high temperature, or the infestation will come back. Ideally you should use a washing powder containing sulphur.

The cream is easy to buy, just add a product to your shopping cart then proceed to the checkout. It will arrive in a discreet package in a couple of days.


Scabies Treatment – Quick Questions

Does it work? Yes Watch the video to see for yourself
Does it cause a scar? No If left to heal naturally
How long will it take? 4 days
2-3 treatments per day
What will it cost? $39.99 + P&P
Standard delivery
Special Promotion Price! Only $29.99!!!
How many areas will it treat? 30+ With one kit
Money back guarantee? Yes 30 days full refund
Treat other conditions? Yes Scabies, Ringwom & Impetigo

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