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Scabies are caused by mites that are found under the skin surface. They depend on their victim for food. These mites have serious side effects hence the great importance to remove them from the skin. The good news is that scabies are not able to survive for long outside their victims flesh hence it is possible to find a way of removing them. Scabies spread through direct contact with infected skin. It is therefore important to ensure that you avoid direct contact with the infected part since you may spread the scabies to other parts of your body. After you have come to contact with the rash, it is important to ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before you come to contact with another part of your body.

The methods of treating scabies are classified into two. These are the natural methods and the artificial over the counter methods. The natural methods are preferred by many people because they are safe and will not lead to any side effect on the skin. However, they have a slower response rate since in most cases low concentrations are used. The over the counter methods are very effective and in most cases give results in relatively shorter timespans when compared to the home remedies.

One of the best natural scabies treatment methods is the use of tea tree oil. This is relatively easy to use and will remove the scabies effectively. Here, the oil is added to some warm water, and the warm water is used for bathing. For faster results, it is advised that the patient soaks for about 15 to 20 minutes in the warm water. When done consistently, it kills the scabies and returns the skin to its original glory. This oil can also be diluted and applied directly to the skin surface in the areas that have been hardly hit.

Calamine lotion is also very useful in the treatment of scabies. It works by soothing the skin to relieve the itchiness. In addition, it removes the redness from the skin, thus improving the general appearance of the patient. Other home remedies that also work effectively in the removal of scabies are mustard oil, turmeric, neem and juice extracted from drumstick leaves. The juice from drumstick leaves works best when mixed with sesame seed oil. These home remedies are applied directly on the skin surface preferably after taking a shower when the skin is still fresh.


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