Herbal Scabies Remedy

Scabies are a form of rash that is caused by mites that are found under the skin surface. These mites are parasitic and depend on their victim for food and shelter. They cause a lot of discomfort to the victims since they cause irritation on the skin of the victim. The good news is that scabies are not able to survive for long alone outside the flesh of their victims. This gives an avenue to start in the finding of a way to remove and kill them. Scabies spread through direct contact with infected skin. It is therefore important to ensure that direct contact with the infected part is avoided at all costs so that the scabies may not spread to other parts of the body. Once you come to contact with the rash, it is important to ensure that you clean your hands thoroughly before they come to contact with another part of your body.

There are many treatment methods for scabies. They are categorized to natural or herbal methods and artificial over the counter methods. The artificial over the counter methods contain fast acting active ingredients that allow them to produce results in the shortest time possible. The herbal remedies on the other hand are in safe concentrations that will not harm your skin in any way. This is what makes these home remedies to be preferred by many people. As a matter of fact, most people prefer to first try some home remedies before going for artificial over the counter methods.

The first home remedy that is very commonly used in the removal of scabies is tea tree oil. The oil is added to warm bath water and the patient soaks in the water. On the areas with the most scabies, the oil can be diluted then applied directly to the skin. This produces faster results. The oil is preferred by many people because it has no side effects yet it is very effective in the removal of the scabies.

The other herbal remedy to scabies is a mixture of sesame seed oil and juice extracted from the leaves of the drumstick plant. This mixture when applied gives the patient some comfort since it reduces the itching on the skin hence they will not scratch their skin too much. Other home remedies that can be applied on scabies are neem, turmeric and mustard oil. They also work very effectively in removing the scabies.


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