Herbal Treatments For Scabies

Scabies is a skin infection caused by microscopic bugs known as mites. These mites enter the body as they are attracted by the warmth and serene environment that the body offers. They create burrows in the skin and therefore have tunnels that are under the skin that allow them to breed and search for food. They then cause intense allergic itching that leads to scabies.

There are several herbal treatments for scabies that are easily acquired. Tea tree oil can be used at home to get rid of scabies. This extract from an Australian plant stops itching and heals the skin with scabies rashes. You simply put about 20 drops of the pure oil in warm water and bath with it. It will work by killing the mites and their eggs.

Neem oil is used to stop the mites from breeding and also soothes your skin. Neem oil reduces the pain caused by itching. Simply put some of the oil in your bath water and soak in fir about 15 minutes. To top it up, you can use all neem products as you shower and after you shower. There is the neem soap and the neem lotion. This herbal remedy for scabies is very effective.

Take a shower with mango sap soap. The substances in the soap will help to kill the mites and their eggs and in no time, you will be back to normal. Leaves of the gliridia sepium are boiled in water and the mixture is applied on the affected areas. Ensure that you use these treatments on clean skin. Use them at least twice to thrice a day after a good shower.

Preventing re-infection is also a remedy. Ensure that you soak your bed linen, towels, combs, hair clips and hair bands and other personal effects in very hot water to kill the mites and their eggs. In this case, hot water is the remedy. Soak your items in the water to give it enough time to work on the mites and their eggs.

In conclusion, there are many more herbal treatments for scabies and with good research, you will be able to find some more. If you are not sure of any of the remedies, it is always ideal to ask trained medical personal for advice before you embark on any herbal treatment. They rarely have side effects and if you happen to develop an allergy with any of them, simply stop using it to avoid further problems.

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