How To Get Rid Of Scabies

There are several ways that you can get rid of scabies. Some are natural and herbal while others are medical and prescribed by a doctor.


There are skin lotions that are applied on the affected area to get rid of scabies. These lotions are prescribed by a doctor and are different as they contain different substances in them. If you opt for lotions, ensure that your physician prescribes the best for you. These lotions are left to act on the skin and end up killing the mites and their eggs faster. Some lotions are however supposed to be washed off faster than the others therefore you should ensure that you follow the instructions as written. Creams are also used on scabies. The creams are used just like the lotions. However, you should apply them well even on areas of skin that are surrounding the affected area. This is so as mites reproduce so fast and spread their eggs so fast that the symptoms may not show as fast as the mites are spreading.

Prevent re-infection. Ensure that you soak your bed linen, towels, combs, hair clips and hair bands and other personal effects in very hot water to kill the mites and their eggs. In this case, hot water is the remedy. Soak your items in the water to give it enough time to work on the mites and their eggs. This will prevent the mites from spreading and therefore, no re-infection will occur.


Neem oil is used to stop the mites from breeding and also soothes your skin. Neem oil reduces the pain caused by the harsh and intense itching. Simply put some of the oil in your bath water and soak in fir about 15 minutes. To top it up, you can use all neem products as you shower and after you shower. There is the neem soap and the neem lotion. This herbal remedy is very effective.


Tea tree oil can be used at home to get rid of scabies. This extract from an Australian plant stops itching and heals the skin with scabies rashes. You simply put about 20 drops of the pure oil in warm water and bath with it. It will work by killing the mites and their eggs.


In conclusion, there are other many ways of getting rid of scabies and with anything you want to try out, seek medical advice if you are not sure about it.


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