Lemon Juice For Scabies

Lots of people the world over are having scabies. The number having it is actually on the increase on daily basis. There is also no age limit to those who can have the skin condition.  In response to the rate at which people are falling victim to this skin problem, several treatment methods had been made available. There are also several medical interventions that can be implemented for the treatment of this skin condition. Home made remedies are also available for the treatment of this skin condition. You can depend on lemon juice to get rid of the scabies on you. This method is very effective and it is even able to give better result than several other home remedies.

Its benefits

Lemon can be used against several skin problems. It is even used for making toilet soaps and it can give you fresh skin normally. It can even be added to shampoo for washing the hair. Lemon contains vitamin C, which is a very popular kind of vitamin that can be useful for the improvement of the body’s immunity. Vitamin C is very effective in treating this skin condition. All you need to do is to apply the lemon juice on to the skin condition and the scabies will be removed in a matter of weeks.

Lemon oil or lemon juice

Lemon can either be presented in the form of lemon oil or lemon juice. You can decide to makes use of any of the two to treat your scabies. Both products can be very effective against this skin condition. You can apply the lemon juice directly on the skin and you can also drink it to help you with healing the skin condition from within. Lemon oil on the other hand will have to be limited to external application to treat the scabies on your skin.


Application of lemon juice or lemon oil on scabies does not work like magic. It will directly take some time before you can ever expect some meaningful result from this treatment method. You therefore need to be considerably patient.  If you are not patient, you will end up putting it off and label the lemon product as ineffective against this skin condition.   Due to the fact that lemon does not have very quick effect on scabies, many individuals are already not using it for treating the skin condition. With consistent application, the method is sure to yield fruit.



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