Natural Remedies For Scabies

Scabies refer to a disorder of the skin caused by certain types of mites or insects. The insect digs into the skin, and lays eggs inside the skin. The insect eggs lain in the skin hatch and cause the condition called scabies. There are well laid down procedure which can be used to cure scabies naturally. This procedure kills all the cells which are lodged in the skin. Scabies mainly affects young children; this is because the children love to play in the sand and other vegetations. The vegetation provides a breeding ground for insects and termites which cause scabies. This procedure will help cure scabies:

 Wet the skin region affected using the instant hand sanitizer with aloe. The instant hand sanitizer contains aloe. Aloes is important in killing the germs caused by the eggs which are laid in the skin. Apply a first layer of the skin with orange oil. Orange oil can be obtained from GNC for 5 dollars. Apply a second layer using coconut oil hair conditioner. The coconut oil air conditioner can be obtained for 2 dollars at blue magic. Use a third layer with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be obtained from Hollywood beauty for 2 dollars. After applying these substances, hundreds of the scabies will crawl out of the skin within a period of five minutes. The scabies are hatched inside the body from the eggs which were laid by the adult scabies.

Let the oil applied mix with the skin and penetrate even deeper. This should last for at least 30 minutes. Then soak the affected region in the shower, and then watch as the mites get out and run down the drain. The mites might have moved all over the place, and one may not know for certain where they live. It is therefore important to disinfect the entire home in order to avoid a repeat of the same. The procedure does not last more than one hour, after which you can rinse and repeat the process of removing the scabies. There might be some still lodged beneath the skin, for this reason it is important to repeat the procedure.

Scabies are very difficult to get rid of if you do not understand the procedure. If you suspect that you have scabies, go to a health centre and get diagnosed. Scabies can be treated with ease, but if left to their own they can inflict a lot of harm to the patient. Scabies is also highly contagious.



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