Scabies in Dogs

Scabies is a skin disorder that occurs on the skin due to the presence of mites’ infestation. The scabies skin disorder is quit common in humans as well as in cats and dogs. Scabies in dogs is known as mange and the mite specie that mostly infects the dogs is the Sarcoptes Scabei. The mite usually finds its way into the dog’s skin and once it is in it creates burrow channels on which it leaves its eggs behind for maturity. The eggs then mature and multiply on the dog’s skin causing the skin disorder.

Symptoms that is likely to be noticed on a dog that has scabies include hair loss, irritation, thick skin with scaly patches, blisters, sores and an unpleasant odor. Scabies in dogs may also be shown by rashes may normally appear after 3 weeks since the infection took place mostly due to the mites producing toxics in the skin which leads to the body reacting by producing rashes. Itching is the most irritating symptom cause by the mites’ infestation in a dog as the dog will scratch itself more frequently than usual thus leading to the formation of sores on the skin. Small lines may also appear on the dog’s skin indicating the presence of burrows dug up by mites. If certain symptoms begin appearing on the skin such as excessive scratching by the dog, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

Upon consulting a veterinarian, some diagnosis will be done on the dog’s skin to determine if the condition is caused by mites. The veterinarian may scrap off a piece of skin and place it under a microscope in order to view and found out if there is any mite’s presence in the skin. However, as accurate as the microscope may be, it may sometimes show no presence of mites and the doctor may need to examine the skin symptoms and give out the proper medication as a precaution.

Medication in dogs may be administered by means of shampoo which can be mixed with water and the dog is dipped in about once in a week. The treatment is highly effective although it may be uncomfortable for the dog. Other methods of treatment that can be medicated to remove scabies in dogs include applying mite killing creams on the dog’s skin. It is also important to avoid your dog from being infected by scabies as it is a very contagious skin disorder. Making sure your dog avoids contact with an infected dog is the best way to prevent scabies in dogs.

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