Scabies In Hair

Scabies is not a new kind of skin problem. But the truth is that it is better never to experience it. Those who had the misfortune of having this skin condition did not find it funny in the least. Any animal that fall victim to the skin condition too will surely go through hell.

Scabies appear like red papules on the skin. It also comes with extended itching. The itching is felt most during the night and this has the capability of keeping the affected person from sleeping all through the night. Scabies can come up on several parts of the body. On several occasions, scabies had been detected around the feet. It had been found on the face and even on the hand. Have you ever heard of scabies being found in the hair? In case you have not, this simple write up will open your eyes further to this reality.

Scabies in the hair

Scabies can also grow on the scalp. This form of scabies is the one referred to as hair scabies. Scabies in the scalp have the same effect like they have on every other part of the body. They are caused by mites and the mites make burrows into the scalp inside which they lay their eggs. The papules too do form on the scalp and the affected person will feel the same measure of scratching that would have been felt if the scabies had been on any other part of the body.

What not to do about it

Some people may become so bothered about the itching in their scalp that they may begin to apply all sorts of trash that will only make matters worse with the skin condition. When the scabies are itching you, you should avoid the temptation of using laundry detergent on it. If you apply any hard soap to the area, things will only get worse. You also should not make use over the counter corticosteroid creams on the itching scalp without doctor’s prescription. Any anti-itch cream too should never be used without doctor’s prescription.

How to treat

You do not need to look for anything exceptionally rare to treat the scabies in your scalp. You can always depend on the topical cream called permethrine. After applying this topical cream, it will get the mites killed within a short period of time. Few days of consistent application of the permethrine will ensure that you are free from the skin problem.


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