Scabies Incubation Period

Scabies can be found on different parts of the body. It is caused by an insect called mite. When the mite comes in contact with the skin, it lays its eggs on the skin and also depends on the host for its food. In the process of feeding and laying eggs, the host will be having some itching sensation on that particular area of the skin on which the scabies is thriving. Scabies can result to the formation of small bumps on the skin. It can appear around the groin and around the feet, it had also been found on the head and the face.

This simple write up is designed to open your eyes to the scabies and how it causes its symptoms on the affected person. You need to understand that the host does not start feeling the symptoms immediately the mites come in contact with this skin, there is a period called the incubation period. This is the period during which the mite gets itself established on the skin before you start feeling the symptoms of its presence. You will learn more about this period in this simple write up.

New cases of scabies

The incubation period does differ in different individuals. One of the factors that determine how early an individual develops the symptoms associated with scabies is if the individual had been earlier exposed to this skin problem earlier. In case you have never experienced scabies before and this is your first time, you will not feel the symptoms of scabies until the mites are established on your skin for up to two weeks. Some individuals do not feel the symptoms until after six weeks.

Recurrent cases

Scabies on a previously infected individual is a different ball game entirely. In case this is not your first time of coming in contact with the skin condition, it will not take long at all before your skin respond to the presence of the foreign body called mite. This is because your skin is rather more sensitive to the mites; since they had come in contact with the skin at an earlier time. Recurrent cases of scabies are felt  within four days after the skin had come in contact with the mites.


It is important to note that anyone having the scabies can start infecting other people even within the incubation period. This is why you should avoid mingling with crowds excessively; lest you get scabies from them or transfer scabies to them.


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