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Scabies are caused by a mite. It is a very common skin condition and many individuals out there are having it. It can come up on both male and female; even kids can end up with it. The skin condition is highly contagious and it is very easy for you to come by it through simple skin to skin touch.   It is therefore not so safe to stay too close to someone having this skin condition lest you too come down with it.

If you take time to look at scabies pictures, it is certain you will never like what you see. The pictures show how very sassy the skin condition can look on you when you have it. Scabies have a way of making your skin look completely rough and dry. It will also make the skin look very unsightly.

In order to properly understand what you see in scabies photos, you may do well to study same using a microscope. A proper and deep enough look will show you the mites that are responsible for the skin condition. If you look well enough, you are also sure to see the eggs laid by the mites.

Scabies also have a rough edge to them. They can appear as red dots on the skin. The red dots can also be in group and they can be singly distributed all over your skin. They can also come up on several parts of the body; actually, they do not have any specific place where they can be found.  Scabies are mostly topical in nature. This means that they do not of beyond the skin of those they affect.

In case you are having a skin condition related to the description given above, you should consider the possibility of that skin problem being scabies. In case you are not sure about the particular skin condition, you only need to pay a visit to the internet and look up the general appearance of scabies on the skin. Compare what you find online with what you have on you. If there is a link, then you can be sure that what you have is nothing other than scabies.


You should not leave scabies on you for too long. Immediately you confirm the skin condition to be scabies, it is time to take action towards eradicating it. There are different things you can do to get rid of the skin condition. A visit to the hospital is the best way out.


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