Treating Scabies Naturally

Scabies is an infection on the skin caused by a mite bite and is very contagious. This parasitic mite is called sarcoptes scabeii. They lay their eggs in the layer of the skin. Their infections cause lots of itchiness, body irritation and some small swellings and blisters in the affected areas. Some of the common body areas affected are in between fingers, elbow, knee, waists, shoulders and more in the genital parts. This infection indeed causes a lot of body discomfort. In many cases if this sickness is left unattended to, it may cause a lot of consequences to the victims affected. Treating scabies is a remedy that you need to get rid of it.


Treating scabies naturally is not expensive and does not pose dangers to the user. One of the most suitable natural oil found to have the best ingredients that naturally treat scabies is Balsam of Peru. This oil, got from trees, is normally applied externally in the person’s skin. In most occasions many use it because it functions like antimicrobial and greatly relieves the person from irritations and skin inflammatory rashes.


In addition, another essential oil is lavender, which is indeed non toxic to the body and substantially reduces itching. This has become one of the most effective natural methods of dealing with body scabies irritations. Treating scabies naturally can also be effective by making general application of neem oil on the affected area of the skin. This paste removes rashes and blisters that are in the body.


Another method is using oil antibacterial drug which has antiseptic properties from a tea tree. Many victims and paramedics have effectively used this tree oil to cure scabies in which a greater percentage of people have reported success. One can also use hot water, which kills the mite when showering. Do not soak in a bath because it intensifies the mites’ infections, but clean yourself with dry clean towel three times a day.


Using the mixture of honey, water and clove oil will also help as one of the remedies for treating scabies naturally. This mixture is applicable in the affected skin area. Sometimes, using the conventional method of curing scabies may be poisonous, considering that they cause skin irritation for by penetrating into the skin to kill the parasite.  However, using oil from neem is greatly recommended for the skin. This oil treats scabies naturally and also smoothen the skin thus reducing the pain as a result of itching and inflammation.


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