Treatment for Scabies

Scabies is a rather common skin disease. It can be contacted through skin to skin touch. It can also be contacted when the clothing of the affected person is used. It usually results into rashes after some weeks of infecting an individual.  The rashes are very itchy and scratching it can be very painful. In case you are having scabies and you will like to get rid of it, the content of this simple write up will help you to get things settled.

There different kind of drugs had been developed for the treatment of scabies. The drugs can be obtained over the counter. They contain sulfur, lindane and permethrin as the active ingredients. The drugs are prepared in the form of lotion, which can be applied directly on the affected part of the skin. After some weeks of applying the lotions, the scabies rashes will be cleared off. The skin surface needs to be cleaned well before the lotion can be applied.

Applying the creams and clearing off the scabies from the skin of the infected person does not mean that the individual is free from the skin infection for ever. The person can still be infected again. How is this possible? Application of the lotion may detach the causative organism from the skin but it may not kill all the organisms. Those of them that are not killed may liter the ground around the erstwhile infected person. The organisms are able to live up to 3 days like this. If the person mistakenly touches the organism, within those three days, he will get infected with scabies again.  It may take several weeks again before the infection can manifest on the skin as rashes.

In order to achieve complete freedom from scabies, it may become necessary to kill all the causative organisms around. After the individual had been treated, the environment too needs fumigation to kill every other causative organism around.  The clothing of the affected person should be autoclaved so as to completely kill the organisms and its eggs. If any family member had been exposed to the affected person while he was infected, he too should be treated.

If an infected person had cause to have sexual intercourse with anyone during the period he was infected, it becomes necessary for all his or her sexual partners be treated also for scabies.


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