Vinegar For Scabies

Scabies is a skin disease that is brought about by mites which burrow underneath the skin and lay their eggs. This process causes scabies which are red bumps and rashes that may sometimes be accompanied by itchiness. Scabies can appear on any part of the body be it in-between fingers, on the back, or even the backside.

Some people may be scared by the fact that the bumps are involved with the number of live mites that may have hatched. It is important to note that not all bumps and rashes are a living breathing mite. Some of them are simply a common rash.

You may be wondering as to how one can identify scabies for what it is seeing as it is represented by a rash that is common. Though most rashes may look the same, but the one thing that sets scabies apart is the itchiness. Common rashes are often painless and harmless in comparison to scabies.

There are a variety of treatment options that are available to a person suffering from scabies.

  • Invest in commercial mite killers. The instructions for such medication are quite simple as all you have to do is to apply the medication to the whole of your body and leave it on overnight. In the morning, simply wash it off. It is not effective with just one application and it is required that the procedure be repeated weekly.
  • Antihistamines can be used in order to bring relief from the itching. If the itching continues to become unbearable, topical steroids can be applied.
  • It is also important that whatever item that came into contact with the victim should be thoroughly washed with hot water and hot dried. This is to ensure that all the mites and their eggs die.

Vinegar is one home remedy that has been cited as one of the best when it comes to treating scabies. However, it should be noted that not pure vinegar should be used. This is because vinegar is a strong acid and it can burn the skin if applied. The best type of vinegar would be apple cider vinegar. You can buy the store bought version or you can come up with your own by mixing normal vinegar with apple cider. This mixture should be applied to the affected areas periodically and with time you will notice an improvement in the appearance of the skin.


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