What Do Scabies Look Like?

It is possible that you have been hearing about scabies without knowing what it is really about. It is even possible that you have this funny looking skin problem and you do not know if it scabies or not. This simple write up will lead you by the hand and teach you how scabies really look like. Who knows that unknown skin problem you are having may actually be scabies.

How they look like

Scabies is a skin problem caused by mites. The mites are forms of ectoparasite. The mites can borrow into the skin and suck the blood of their host.  Since they depend on the host for practically everything, they also make their nest in the host. They lay egg and hide them in the hole they have burrowed in the host for ‘safe keeping’.

While the mites are laying their eggs on the host, the individual experience some inflammation of the area. The place will also become reddened. The spot also becomes itchy.  Scabies are also very contagious. All you need to get it from an infected person is by simple skin to skin contact.

What you should look out for

Scabies leads to the formation of rashes on the skin. It also forms small bumps filled with blood. The blood content of the bumps makes them red in appearance. The bumps can be highly itchy. Scratching it may lead to the destruction of the bumps. The pus and blood in the bumps will be released on the skin surface and this can make the scabies highly contagious.

Where they normally appear

Scabies can be found on some areas of the skin like the webs between the finger, the axillary fold, the genital area, areas around the nipples, the knees, the waist and even the feet area. The bumps given off by scabies are referred to as papules. The bumps produced by scabies should never under any circumstances be mixed with pimples. Pimples are rarely itchy, while the papules of the scabies are.


In most cases, scabies are found on infants and younger children. It had rarely been reported on adults and grown children. It should also be noted that pimples on the other hand are found mostly on adults and grown children who are in their teenage ages. When scabies come up on the skin, it also comes up with a threadlike projection. This is another way of identifying this skin condition.


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