What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a skin condition that is usually caused by mite bite. This condition can be highly itchy and contagious. It is easily transmitted from one person to another through direct skin contact and also shared clothing, as well as bedding. Scabies can attack any person, young children, the youth and even older people. The parasite, mite, which transmits this infection, is a tiny insect which prefers to hide under the skin of the host. Once it has succeeded to get under a person’s skin, leading to discomfort caused by its itching effects.


How to know that you have scabies


The obvious characteristic is intense itching and burrows at the superficial skin layer. The itching is generally worsen when temperatures are high and mostly in the night when the victim has settled for a rest. Apart from itching, rashes usually accompany the infected area, majorly the hand, the feet, elbows, buttocks, back wrists and probably the genitals.


Unless the condition is also accompanied by immune-suppression it is not easy to find scabies attacking the face or the scalp of a person’s hair. It is the mite’s tendency to dig inside the skin that leads to burrows. Majority of people notice a linear-like track due to the burrows on the skin accompanied by swelling that resemble the one caused by a bite from a mosquito.


In most cases, the signs and symptoms will only appear two to three weeks after infestation. Crusted scabies can also be seen as symptoms in the aged and those suffering from low immune strength. For example, people with HIV infection will experience intensive signs of scabies that are called crusted scabies.




Clinical diagnosis of scabies is usually intended to identify presence of lesions and burrows mostly after there has been intense itching on the patient. The burrows are technically identified by spreading ink from fountain pen or the use of tetracycline solution. Ink or tetracycline has the ability to glow under the skin when a special light is used for illumination. Once this is done, the skin is cleaned with alcohol pad which leaves a clear zigzag or s pattern showing the burrow on the skin. In the diagnosis procedure the mite itself or its eggs can be found on the skin.




It is important to do all that is possible to clear mites from a home. This way, scabies too will be prevented. However, if someone is infected already, then it is important to visit the medics for a solution.  Treating scabies should always involve the whole household even when there is no sign in the rest of the family members.


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